Sunday, April 12, 2009

MLB Season, Week 1

Yesterday I went to go see the Cincinnati Reds play the Pittsburgh Pirates. The sunburn that i received was not the only pain of the game as I had to sit through a 10 to 2 rout. It seemed within grasp until the reds gave up two homeruns back to back, the first of which being a grand slam!! In addition to this, I saw very little offense to make me feel very comfortable for their chances throughout the season. I just finished watching a complete game shutout by Aaron Harang and I still don't feel positive because the Red's only managed 2 runs.

In addition to this, the Indians are currently in a 5 game losing streak which means that they have yet to win a game at all this season. The culprit generally seems to be that the pitching AND the hitting are not going very well right now at all. This actually puts a team that many picked to win the World Series LAST year and finish first THIS year in danger of having a cellar-dwelling season. I only hope that Eric Wedge survives this season because I generally like him as a coach.

In order for either team to have a chance in hell this season, they need to figure something out fast. I am definitely not a fairweather fan but I'm not going to use up my free time on a lost cause. I know its only the first week of the season but both teams need to start proving themselves to me.

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