Monday, April 27, 2009

The Pains Begin Again

I'm not a fairweather fan and I know its early on in the season but I'm already starting to lose hope for this season with the Indians. Cliff Lee pitched 8 shutout innings and the Indians couldn't score a run until the 9th inning against one of the most feared closers in the game, Jonathon Papelbon! This kind of inconsistency is strange to say the least and to me signals that the players heads just aren't in the game anymore. It really seems like they are going up there one at a time trying to be a hero and hit the ball out of the ballpark and they are losing because they have forgotten that baseball is now and has always been a team sport.

Maybe I'm just getting cynical but I'm just tired of seeing this every year. Things need to change soon and I hope that Shapiro and everyone else in that power structure does what is necessary to bring a championship back to Cleveland. It has quite simply been way too long!! With that said, I don't know what the right call is but the biggest weakness is quite clearly coming from their relief pitching. Today was a prime example as they gave up 3 runs in the ninth (I mean who does that?). Rafael Perez and Rafael Betancourt have been pitching for too long to still have the same old problems. Either demote them or trade them. Something needs to be done to fix this!!

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